Un souffle d'indépendance*

* A breath of independance
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  • Climatic property

  • fully rededigned in 2006, tightly respectfull regarding environmental concerns, even more powerfull, the new refrigeration process brings hight standard level performances.

    Key data (depending of test conditions)

    • Temperature: - 35°C to + 55°C
    • Solar simulation: 0 to 1200 W/m2     (512 x 250w IR bulbs )
    • Relative humidity: 10% to 98%      from -25°C to 55°C
    Slope down speed from +20 °C to -20°C, with an air speed of 40 km/h, engine stopped : 1H00
    Slope up speed from -20 °C to +45°C, with an air speed of 90 km/h : 1H30

    Refrigerating installation