Un souffle d'indépendance*

* A breath of independance
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The data acquisition system (modular and partly embedded)

  • 256 channels for K-type thermocouples
  • 128 channels for DC measurement (0 to 300 VDC)
  • Physical data recordable
    • Temperature (coolant, air, oil, A/C refrigerant)
      TC K or PT100
    • Liquids flow rate (range 500, 1000, 3000, 12000 l/h).
    • No corrosive fluids pressure (range 2.5, 6, 30 bars)
    • Revolution speed (engine, fan, etc...)
    • Electrical data (voltage, current...)

    The real time data supervision is available on charts and tables support for each measured parameter.

    Each channel alarm or warning is also available.

    A live data remote acces is granted to our registered customers through a secured web server.

    Data processing